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House of Mac - Bubanj Memorial Park
The Bubanj Memorial Park is a memorial complex, built in memory of the executed citizens of Niš and southern Serbia in the Second World War, and is located southwest of Niš. The Bubanj Memorial Park, as an authentic place of mass fascist terror, was placed under state protection in May 1973. While in April 1979, by the decision of the Assembly of Serbia, the Bubanj Memorial Park was declared a cultural asset of exceptional importance.

Scaffolds were originally marked with a memorial pyramid in 1950, while a new monument, the work of sculptor Ivan Sabolić, was unveiled in 1963. The whole complex is landscaped, with a memorial path that is about half a kilometer long, and a marble relief measuring 23 x 2.5 m composed of five compositions symbolizing the “killing machine”, hanging and shooting, rebellion, capitulation of the conquerors and victory, and three concrete obelisks symbolizing raised hands with clenched fists. Within the Bubanj Memorial Park, there is also a chapel that was later added in 2004, it was built of glass and metal, the work of architect Aleksandar Buđevac.

Each of the three fists is of different size and they represent a symbol of men’s, women’s and children’s hands defying the enemy because whole families were shot.